Let's Talk about Nappies (Blog Version)

Let's Talk about Nappies (Blog Version)

Nappy is probably one of those things you will see your self buying overtime, except if you are like me who likes stock piling as I don't like shopping. Let me start this nappy BLOG post by saying that, there is no difference between the various nappy brands, except price of course

Preferred brand

I have tried Pampers, Boots, Aldi, Morrison and Asda so far and they are all equally good. 

So brand to buy is totally up to you but if you want so save money, then go for the cheapest.

Out of all the brands I have used, I will recommend the Boots brand. This for a combination of reasons, which i am listing below:

  • Quality is just as good as more expensive brands
  • It is one of the cheapest in market if you go for the 3 for £7 deal. This means best value for money is when buying in 3's
  • Extra advantage of Boots brand is the Boots Advantage Card (upgrade to Parenting club when pregnant or anytime as long as you have a baby to get more points on baby products). With this loyalty scheme, you get more back for your money through points, which you can later spend. Also by joining the scheme, you get vouchers etc which you can use when shopping to save more money.

 If you choose not to go with Boots brands, any of the supermarket brands are just as good.


Nappy investment :(

So far, here is an approximation of how much we have used

Size 1: 300

size 2: 150 (and still counting)

Looking at above I will recommend at least 100 size 1 to start with. However if you find them n sale, make sure you stock pile!!! They will use it or someone else will. If unopened, nappies can also be exchanged for bigger sizes in most stores. 

Based on my approximation above, here is what i recommend

size 1: 100-150

size 2: 100-150

However if you see a "not to be missed" deal buy more 


What happens to leftovers?

With the guide I have above, you will probably not have any left overs. The guide only prevents you from running out and at the same time getting best deals. However, if for some reasons you have unused nappies, you can use unused (unopened) nappies as gifts or exchange them for bigger sizes. However not every store will do this. Also if outside the 28-day window, returning them may not be possible.  

With or without leftovers, stock piling will save you a lot of money, time and stress.


Hospital Bag Nappy 

Definitely a Size 1 (2-5kg). Most children are within these weight bracket so size 1 is best. Do not waist money on size 0, which will either be too small or only fit them for few days. Size 0 should be reserved for pre-matured birth , as even small babies can still fit in size 1. Put about 10-20 nappies in the bag.


Nappy Disposal

Make sure you get a nappy disposal bin to avoid air pollution. Babies are humans as well so the waste products they produce also smells lol.  IF you don't have a nappy disposal bin, then be prepared to empty your bin outside everyday.


Nappy change

Don't leave dirty nappy on baby for too long. Change them regularly and thoroughly. Water is preferred to wipes for nappy change. Water is natural and like I always say anything natural is always better most times!

I always use water when we are in the house. I reserve the wipe for when we are outside. Need I add that, my baby's bum is fresh lol. No redness and no nappy rash ever!!!

After using water to clean him, I dry him and then use 100% natural shear butter as a nappy cream before wearing him a new nappy


I hope you have learned one or two things from the blog. Do not forget to visit our youtube channel to watch more videos on parenting. 

I hope you found it useful. Feel free to comment, contribute, share and ask questions.
To suggest or contribute to our blog, please contact admin here


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Thursday, 17 January 2019
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