Hello all,

Yes its that time again!!! the times mums are looking forward to...especially breastfeeding mums. lol

Its time to start introducing solids

I will advice that you read this in conjunction with my youtube video on the items you will probably need when you start to wean your child. 

So here I am sharing some ideas of food to give your baby and all that kind of stuff. Also make sure you follow me on instagram. My instagram page is dedicated to sharing some food recipe along side the pictures. Please join the party. share whatever your child is eating and tag me as well so we can all share.

Thats the aim. I apologise in advance as I don't post regularly on instagram yet, but I am getting there.



So when should you start weaning

6 months

The recommendation is not to give any solid until at least 17 weeks which is 4.25months.

I think its ok to start getting your child to "taste" food from 4/5months. literally TASTE like you do when cooking tasting for salt etc lol. When they are 6 months or sightly earlier if you feel your child is ready for it, then start giving them solids

This is to ensure that they can hold their head, less risk of choking, and that the gut is developed 

To start of with, try on food at a time. This is so that in case they react to it you know what they are reacting to. Also as their guts still developing it might be best to give one at a time. Then once established, can start mixing food.


What food should I give

I can sit here and give you various combinations of food lol. as you can pretty much mix most things. the list is endless

But my top tip is to take a trip to a supermarket, go to the baby isle to where they have their jar foods (which i don't recommend btw), and read ingredient. the main ingredients they contain should give you ideas of combinations etc

e.g. of food that I have tried

Mash potato and breast/formula milk

Avocado (don't steam this just mash) and carrot

Carrot alone

chicken with couscous

Baby rice ( I am more lenient on powdered baby cereal lie cereal, oat porridge etc as these will generally have less/no preservative compared to liquid food in jars)

Broccoli and baby rice

I tend to mix above with milk and sometime give without the formula

I also invested in some baby books and i try these recipes. 

Click here to buy the book

ClickElla's Kitchen: The First Foods Book: The Purple One here to buy this. But Boots also give a free one if you are signed up to advantage card and have activated Parenting club.



I usually give either Oat ( I love the tesco smooth oat  but now I give him the rough one (So he gets used to bits) and sometimes mix with Tesco smooth. 

When he turned 11months i introduced weetabix. I alternate oat n weetabix. Both given with formula. 9/10 times I add mashed/pureed fruit/vegetable to sweeten please avoid sugars!. Fruits and vegetables like apple, banana, carrot can sweeten food. Our golden rule is at least one portion of fruit/veg a day!!!


Nigerian food for baby

Give your child what you are having. they will probably eat only a tea spoon so won't fill them up but at least they are getting used to the taste and spice (aka pepper) lol . If you want to make specific nigerian baby meals for your child here are ideas: 

1. peeled beans

2. Okro soup (my baby's favourite lol) with solid

3.  moin moin

4. bread soaked in milk. Yuk. but he loved it. I hated the sight of it. He only like this when I used Agege bread lol

5. Ewedu with solid

What do I mean by specific: I mean you adapt it for them. e.g no/less spices, made more mashy etc. Feel free to add mackerel fish deboned to above examples. double check on bones. cook with reduced salt and spice. can add tiny tomato source. add beef/chicken but mashed

Personally for me, Nigerian meals take too long/effort for me to make this separate for baby (especially since they only eat like a few adult spoon) , so I tend to get him to eat what the rest of family is eating. However, roughly  about once a month i do make Nigerian adapted meals for him.


Baby led weaning

This is great but can be messy. As much as you can do this, please do. But the only issue with this is I feel its more suitable for some cultures. For example imagine  baby led weaning with a Nigerian food and the child puts his hands in his eye lol.  So I personally can't always do this but as much as I can do it.  I consider the type of food and also the intent of mess he can make.  


Blending food

Start of making it smooth and once they are settled on this, leave bits inside so they can get used to different textures. 




Plain Water, breastmilk and formulas is the best in first year. Over 6 months don't need boiled water. Give from mains tap. Mineral or flavoured might have content which is not suitable. In my opinion the only drink my son will be having is water and milk. End of lol!. We have a no-drink policy at home and we only buy drinks when we have guests. I mean yes we have outside, takeaways, parties and then we obviously drink the unused bottles we buy for guests etc. So my son is simply following the rule in the house. This is for healthy teeth and to encourage a healthy diet from a young age. If you do choose to give drinks to babies please dilute it. 

Whole pasteurised cow's milk can be used in cooking after 6 months but as a drink after 1 year. Semi-skimmed milk can be used after 2 years. 

Follow on milk etc: Totally Up to parents. In my own opinion its all about the cost saving, most parent won't do follow on milk (1-3years) simply because its quite expensive compared to cow's milk. I intend to give both follow on milk and cow's milk after he turns 1. However it will be more of the cow's milk, roughly a ratio of 1:3. This decision is random lol. 



Foods to avoid

Salt, sugar, honey, (whole nuts for under 5's)


Tips to weaning

1. Dont try something new when baby is hungrary. when very hungary give them what they are used to already

2. You don't need to sterilise 

3. Use a high chair as encourages a good sitting position

4. Make your own food. Avoid jars

5. Try and get them to have bitter things as well so they know not everything is sweet lol (good luck with that!)

6. Try and let them have family meals at least once a day 

7. No TV! or toys etc while eating. Let them know meal time is meal time. Might be easier to distract them but by avoiding this, we are building long term good habit

8. I avoid microwave unless i must use it

9. Be patient. if they don't like something don't force it just leave it and try again later


How can I end this without giving you an example. So here it is:

Our typical day's meal (He is Currently almost 1year old)

Breakfast 8am: Oat/Weetabix with formula/banana

Brunch 11:30: Cerelac/golden morn/Boots or cow and gate cereal with mashed boiled vegetable

Lunch 2:30pm:Baby spaghetti bolognese or I give baby modified Nigerian food -encourage baby led weaning (For younger babies- Can give pureed vegetable mixed with powdered baby rice and formula) This is made once a week to last one week

5/6pm: Family dinner (Most times he misses this meal or has only a little bit)

6:30/7pm: Formula milk before bed time


Finally there are no golden rules. you just have to do what you are capable of doing and it also depends on your situation. for example a mum who is back to work can't physically ensure her baby has all this. so it really depends on you. I think the focus should be on promoting a healthy eating habit, encouraging them to develop and promoting good physical health such as health teeth. How you achieve this is up to you



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