Money saving Tips on your mobile phone line rental

Money saving Tips on your mobile phone line rental

We all love to save money whenever we can and mobile phone contract is not an exception. Currently, most people reduce the cost of their monthly line rental by signing up to sim only deals, keeping their old phone etc, but there is always room for additional savings.


What happens if you want the latest mobile phone but don't fancy paying for it, and at the same time, you don't want to pay ridiculous monthly line rental? DATA SHARING might be the solution!


YES, SHARE THE DATA...and thank me later!!!

What is Data sharing?

This occurs when data is shared across more than one sim. The sims will either belong to you and/or family member(s)


Advantages of data sharing

Most people have home broadband which their phones automatically connects to when they are home. This means most data usage occurs outside of the house, which for most people is when they are busy at work, so only a fraction of data allowance is used up each month. With data sharing, you can share those unused data with your other family members. Remember sharing is caring! The great news is that you will not be paying for data usage on the new phone line since the new phone line does not actually come with it’s own data! Hence the line rental for second line is reduced.


How does it work?

Let me explain it with this illustration

Phone line A: unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 10GB data

Phone line B:  unlimited minutes, unlimited text, no data


Phone line A shares 4GB with B so it becomes:


Phone line A: unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 6GB data

Phone line B:  unlimited minutes, unlimited text, 4GB  data


You can also have an open plan where you decide not to specify how much is shared. So the 10GB is shared between Line A and Line B. This might be good if you are not sure who needs what every month.

How to get it?

Contact your network provider and ask them about data sharing.I am not sure if every provider does this but I know for certain Vodafone provides the service. It might be worth changing supplier.

Please note that data sharing is not suitable for everyone. Check how much out of your data allowance you use monthly, to ensure you have enough left to share on a monthly basis.


What other options are available?

Should in case data sharing is not for you. Another way to save money is to get your contract through a third party. For some reasons, contracts gotten through third party are usually cheaper. An example of third party website is


The last but not the least to avoid surprises (regardless of who you are with or what tariff you are on) is to CAP your mobile phone line. Ask them to cap data, block premium rate numbers and text, block international calls etc. Basically everything blockable should be blocked. This way you are guaranteed to only have to pay your usual line rental fee as the phone won’t allow you use outside of your data allowance.

ACE-Connect team will love to hear about how you get on. Don't forget to comment or ask questions below :)

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