My Health and Skin Care Journey by Elizabeth Matsokotere

My Health and Skin Care Journey by Elizabeth Matsokotere



I decided to do a cleanse as I had been very unwell from April and it just seemed my body was in so much stress and struggling to fully recover. So after being on a few tablets which was causing more harm than good, I decided to go the natural route for a week. My gorgeous sister-friend asked me to share my recent health journey one of which was a detox/juice cleanse challenge. Honestly when I saw what I had to do on a daily basis in regards to the detox I was very very nervous and felt I wouldn’t be able to do this.



What I had to do before starting the journey

A few days before I started my challenge I had to prepare my body by slowly taking out sugar, caffeine (tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks)  and any processed or artificial containing foods. Definitely no take aways! Hahaha. I also had to get into the habit of drinking lots of water. I did this for about three days.


A summary of what my journey entailed

My 7 days challenge consisted of just fruits and vegetables, mostly green vegetables. My days were broken down to two days of mono eating, three days of green juice and then last two days were smoothie and eating salads. Included each day was to down 1L of freshly squeezed lemon water first thing in the morning. This will act like a washing machine and completely flush your whole body removing any toxins that the body would have produced from the day before.





Days one and two

So days 1&2 was called mono eating-this means eating just one type fruits and vegetables an hour at a time. For example I love eating bananas, grapes, cucumber, peaches, satsumas and avocados so this meant I could eat  bananas only and then wait for an hour before I could then eat grapes then wait for another hour if I was hungry to then eat some peaches. I wasn’t restricted on how much I could eat per type of fruit and vegetables but only to make sure I ate till I felt full at that time.


Days three, four and five 

Day 3-5 were juicing days. Green juices. Bought lots of different green vegetables rich in nutrients and vitamins to juice using my juicer from Argos. So I had to drink up to 3L of green juice a day to keep my nutrient and sugar levels plus drinking up to 2-3 litres of water a day.  

Day 4 and 5 I must say I found challenging as I started to have withdrawal symptoms from not eating food. So I had to really build my mind and positively say to myself I can do this, I am strong enough to complete this cleanse. Lol. I also did get support and encouragement especially when I felt I couldn’t make it from my group of friends and business partners of whom we were all doing it together.





 One thing I love about juicing is the massive health benefit it has! Incredible benefits to your skin and to your body! 



Days six and seven 

Day 6&7 for me were like heaven hahahaha this is because I could now chew more fruits than vegetables rather than just juicing. From these days I started to notice a lot of health benefits, for example I was sleeping much better, I felt very light

and my stomach had really gone down from being very big and bloated all the time. I also noticed I wasn’t having regular headaches as I used to. Day 7 was just beautiful as I could get very creative with my smoothies and salad. My body started to look very trim and my skin was looking so great. I could see my skin look fresh





 I will highly recommend everyone to do a cleanse/detox to reset your body organs and flush out lots of toxins our bodies acquire on a daily basis. 




So there you have it, a step to step guide to cleanse and detox your system. Don't forget to check with your health care professional if you have any medical condition. ACE-Connect team and Elizabeth are wishing you all the best with this challenge. We would love to hear your own story too. Let us know how you get on. Have fun 

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About Elizabeth Matsokotere

Elizabeth is very passionate about health and skin care. Her professional background is Pharmacy so she is a pharmacist. To get advice and know more about products for your health and beauty needs, visit her face book health and beauty page: Your Face, Your Body...Your Beauty Alternatively, leave your comment below






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