Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting and using our website (www.ace-connect.co.uk)
This page states the terms under which you may use the Website. It also conditions terms covering our products and services we offer. By accessing the Website and/or contacting us regarding our products/services, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms.

A. Intellectual property

The content of the Website are our property and where appropriate, we have obtained the right to own/use content obtained from other sources. We will not use any identifiable content without permission or consent. Copyright is highly prohibited.

B. Expectations/Restrictions on use

Our content are free for all to access but can not be used in anyway other than for your own personal use. The use of our content for business, marketing, sales etc is prohibited.


Can search sellers/service providers for free. It is your responsibility to deal safely with them. We try our best to verify genuinity of listings but we may not always get this process right. However, all complaints are investigated and appropriate actions are taken.

We discourage paying for service before meeting or when you can not ascertain the seller’s genuinity. We have reviews to help facilitate this process and we encourage you to also leave reviews as well. However, again you are responsible for decisions made based on this reviews.


See Under “H=Business listings and packages”

C. Website Warranties

As far as we are aware, the information provided by us on this site are correct, accurate and up to date and we try to review them regularly. However, errors and mistake are inevitable and can occur. We hope it doesn’t happen but if any loss or damage occurs as a result of using our website or using information we provide, we are not liable nor responsible for this. It is the responsibility of users to make informed decisions on the information we provide.

Just like any other systems which crash, we can not always guarantee that the website will be error free, can not always prevent servers being down nor can we guarantee server being virus-free or having issues of similar nature.

All content are for general information only and you are liable for any decision you make based on these information. We make reasonable effort to ensure you get accurate and give quality advice but we can not guarantee the content is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

D. Contributions

Being a directory website, with blogs and forums, we encourage contributions by users as long as they are legal, correct, accurate and not abusive/damaging in any form.
Users (contributors and businesses listed) are responsible for whatever they upload and write, not us. We assume no responsibility for these nor for link made to external sites
To support a safe internet environment, we will regularly review the website and content added by others and reserve the right to remove (or ask contributors to modify) content added.
By commenting, replying comment, rating or reviewing on the website you are accepting that some details (usually names and some time email addresses) is likely become available to the company you review, to us and to other users, depending on the contribution,

Rudeness and inappropriate use of language is prohibited. We also do not condone spam or fraud of any form, offenders will be dealt with appropriately

E. Advertising/Featured business/Featured Product

Please ensure that your business information are correct and accurate and you deal with clients in truth and honesty. Whatever information you upload and add must be yours or you have rights to them.
  • Misleading or inaccurate adverts will be rejected or removed (reserve the right to not offer refund). Offers, sales or claims must be honest and accurate as well
  • The logo, images and web-link/page-link you provide must be relevant to the text and title of the advert/feature, and can not be harmful website, spyware or other related links
  • You can not promote or advertise any illegal activities in the UK.
  • The logo/ images must be suitable for all ages to view, not be offensive, be of good quality and displayed correctly (e.g. not blurred, upside down etc) and can not be text only.
  • Text must be in English and be accurate. Where minor typographical errors are made, it can be corrected by us. We will ensure that punctuation are accurate and relevant and make adjustments where needed. If we believe a lot of adjustment is needed, we will either notify you and do this ourselves or send it back to you for correction
  • Payments are calculated on a monthly basis for our adverts, featured page and  businesses. You can not cancel subscription mid-month. However you must notify us of intention to cancel before the next monthly subscription-period starts. If you paid for multiple months, full refund will be given for unused period. However, refunds within first 2 months of signing up are subject to administrative charge of £10 minus any period used. If this value is £0 or negative you obviously can not get a refund. This is solely to cover our cost in helping to design and put up your advert or feature. Therefore all adverts and feature require an initial 2 month advance payment. Advance payment for a peak/seasonal period such as Easter/summer holiday months/christmas are only refundable with 2 months of campaign starting (and if done before 2 month to dates wanted-pls note they are not refundable), as other businesses are likely to  have been turned down due to limited spaces.

F. Customer Reviews

We value customer reviews for all businesses so by registering your business you are also agreeing to your company being reviewed by customers. However, if we believe the review is not correct or genuine we reserve the right to remove such.

We promote reviews however they must be correct and accurate. If a review is negative, then it must not be anonymous (correct name is required). Otherwise it may be removed. Reviews may be removed if we believe they are fabricated or in appropriate.

We will always work with both parties to make sure you get the best out of the website and always have a positive experience.

G. User Accounts & Access to our Site

Access to our site if FREE for all. As a user of our service, we reserve the right to send you some communications such as administrative messages or messages that are related to your account, where we feel necessary and no option to opt out as we will only do it when it is necessary. These are different from newsletter sign up etc which you can opt in or out from.

We will have some details which you provide us. We promise to keep them safe, confidential and only use it for ACE-Connect only (and if we have to share we WILL seek your consent). We ask that you ensure these details are accurate.

Rudeness, inappropriate behaviour, spam, impersonification or fraud of any form are prohibited.  You can not allow others to also use your account to  do the above, therefore it is your responsibility to make sure your log-in details are safe.

H. Business listings and Packages

The BASIC package is free, but PREMIUM package is paid for. We do not condone false impression, scam or fraud of any level. Offenders will be removed from the directory and appropriate actions taken where necessary. We expect high of customer service so complaints from buyers will be investigated.Integrity should be maintained at all levels. When registering, only use allocated field for what they are intended for (e.g. do not include web-links, telephone numbers, or email addresses in the business description). Failure to comply may result in your listing being removed with option to re-add or permanent ban depending on offense

Businesses on the premium package are on a one-year contract since payment is made annually. Businesses can decide to opt out of premium package (by deleting or downgrading their listing) at any time but price paid is not refundable because we charge yearly. Refunds are only given if opted out (you notify us) within 14 days of signing up. This attracts a service (for period your business was listed for) and administrative charge total of £20, so £79.99 is refunded. Your listing will be deleted with immediate effect (1-2 days) but allow up to 14 working days for refunds to be processed. Similar rules apply for extra charges for ADDITIONAL basic listings for businesses. However the service and administrative charges are £10 for each additional basic package you wish to cancel within 14 days of signing up.

We will only refund full payment (premium membership) if a payment for a year’s period was paid in advance before the start of the period for which the subscription was paid for, as long as we are notified before the period starts. These sorts of advanced or multiple subscription are currently not available on our website so would have been logged in manually. Therefore,  contact us if this applies to you and you wish to cancel.

In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to close a premium member's account without any claim to a refund if they breach our users terms and conditions, i.e gross misconduct (stated in this document)

Business listings are currently only open to UK residents only. We have another avenue to promote international business, please contact us separately for those. Please see under products/services for how we deal with International orders. Other contributions to the website such as blog and forum are open to everyone, regardless of their location in the world

I. ACE-Connect Products/services

We have products for sale and also offer some services. However, there are also some products advertised and/or featured on our website. For those third party products and services, for any business deal with them, you are entering into a contract with the relevant seller/service providers, and not us. We can not therefore be held responsible for any issues that may arise.

Occasionally, we might have a sales and special offer going on. The sales price is a reduction from the original price we used to charge and we reserve the right to stop and restart sale on any product at any time. Special offers can be stopped at any time without prior notice. The terms and condition for each offer will be displayed on the special offer page.

Placing your order
All items/services displayed are invitations for sale and not an offer. This becomes an offer when you have placed your order, which we reserve the right to accept/decline subject to availability. A contract is only established when we have DISPATCHED your goods. Payment for the item is not the establishment of a contract. Payment just enables us to process the order if it has been cleared. Therefore if we (or third party) can not fulfill your order (products are subject to availability), we will inform you and give you full refund (if already paid).

If we have your correct email address, we will also send you order acknowledgement email and updates. Please note that things might change after these emails are sent as sometimes products may become unavailable after order acknowledgement but we will update you

Errors are sometimes inevitable. Therefore in some cases wrong items may be sent out to you. We hope this does not happen. But if it does, we will arrange for it to be returned back to us (we pay for the cost)-as long as its it original condition, unless you tell us you will like it to be a replacement. The use of incorrect orders is a acceptance of it as a replacement. The only time a part refund will be issued is if the wrong item is of a lower value , so we refund the difference. If it is of a higher value, we will not expect you to pay difference.

We may not keep details of orders, it is buyers responsibility to keep receipts and acknowledgement etc for future reference.

In the case of SERVICES, a contract is established when we acknowledge receipt of deposit paid.

If it is an international order, please notify us of this in separate email before placing an order.

The payment method we accept are indicated at point of checkout or on the invoice we send out to you by email. We reserve the right to change our prices at point in time in response to various external or internal factors. The price you will be charged is the price as of the time you place your order through the website or through email. All our prices are inclusive of VAT but exclude delivery charge, where applicable, and unless we state otherwise.

In the case of a pricing error (which can be sometime inevitable), we will cancel such order (no contract is formed until item is dispatched). We will then correct the price and ask you to re-order. We will notify you if such should happen, but we hope it does not

In the case of SERVICES, you will only pay the price agreed at point of placing orders when we receive first deposit within the time frame given. Otherwise it is subject to change. All services require 40% deposit. And the remaining 60% is to be spread out as agreed with you on one-on-one basis but this must be made with a maximum of 3 payments.

We deliver to all UK address with POST CODES only (Price may defer depending on address but for most it will be  £4:00/order - signed for). We can only send an order to the address given at the point of placing your order either through website or other means. We will not change the address. If for any reason this address changes you will have to cancel your order and place the order again. International delivery are treated separately and are covered by our International Terms and conditions. We will convey this where and when relevant.

The signature of whoever accepted delivery at your delivery address, is proof of delivery to YOU as a customer. We may not be able to give you exact time/date of delivery. If no one is available, our courier service have a range of re-delivery options for you which you arrange with them. Some postage companies may offer redelivery options to alternative address. This arrangement is between you and the company. We are only liable for delivery at the delivery address on your order form and it is your responsibility to give us correct and accurate address.

In some circumstances you may choose to collect your order. This is arranged on a one-to-one basis. In this case, full payment or at least a deposit is required.

Orders placed to be delivered to non-residential addresses such as offices, hotels, shipping agents, hotels, storage and similar organisations, must always be accompanied by an email confirming that the address is correct. If we do not receive this, we will try contacting you. If we are unable to get across to you. The orders will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund if paid. We can not be held responsible for damages or loss after it has been accepted by these locations on your behalf.

We will try to ship on time, but since no contract is established until item is dispatched, we are not liable for any delay or failure to deliver ESPECIALLY due to circumstances we can not control such as adverse weather conditions and strikes.

You can decide to upgrade your delivery option. We will not ask you. If such (e.g. next day delivery) is required, it is your responsibility to ask, give us enough notice to arrange and pay for the upgrade. We will give you proof of this and can not be held responsible for any issues outside our control such as third party courier company vehicle break down. We will however try our best to offer the best service and rectify any issues which we hope do not arise

In the case of SERVICES, once a contract is established with us we will do all we possibly can to deliver on agreed date. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified as soon as we can do that, and we will notify you of steps we are taking to resolve it. What we will NEVER do is leave you stranded.

Cancellations & Returns
Notify us of cancellation or returns by is email only. Text messages, social media messages and Voice-mails are not accepted. In exceptional circumstances telephone calls may be accepted.
You can cancel any order you have placed as long as it unpaid and if paid, cancellation is only accepted if we have not sent you a dispatched email (with exception of custom-made order or personalised orders which can not be cancelled or returned once payment is made). Refusing to collect an order is not a cancellation and is seen by us as a failed delivery. Failed delivery returned to us, will result in a partial refund; calculated by subtracting total amount paid minus postage cost (2x) to cover postage cost both ways.

Returning used good (either correct or incorrect-due to our error) or those which do not comply with our terms, forfeits refund and products will be sent pack (providing customer pays the return fee). To get your refund all items must be returned in resellable condition (original packaging and new condition). Returns must be received within 14 days, while notice of returns must be received within 7 days. Customers are to arrange  (MUST BE SIGNED FOR with proof) and cover return cost. Initial postage cost (1x) will will deducted. If product is faulty or incorrect due to our error; in this case we arrange collection and cover the cost and also issue FULL refund.

In the case of items to be collected in person, failure to collect the item without notifying us in advance, will lead to a cancellation of your order and a refund will be issued. A charge of £3 is chargeable for this to cover administrative cost such as a waste of appointment slot. This charge does not apply if the item is collected or if a notice of change in collection date is made. Collection date can only be changed for a maximum of 3 times after which the order will be cancelled and you get your full refund.

Returns are also accepted in person. In this case, A one-way postage deduction is only made if it was originally posted to you, otherwise you get FULL refund. Like above, deductions are not made if goods were sent faulty or sent in error, and we only accept returns in resellable and original condition.

All returns will be processed after we have received the goods back and verified the condition of the item. Upon receipt of a returned product, refund will be issued by agreed method (might take 3-5 working days if by transfer). The customer is accountable for any loss or damage in transit when/if arranged or delivered by them.

Return address should be on invoice and will also be emailed to you once we get your notice of cancellation. You must ensure all returns are well packed and labelled for postage.

In the case of SERVICES, You can cancel or change your mind anytime if unpaid. If some money has been paid, as long as it falls within the ‘grace period’. Which will be agreed with you on booking. ‘Grace 1’ period is usually within 7 days of deposit and you get 100% refund. ‘Grace 2’ period is before 2nd payment is made and will lead to deposit refund minus an administrative charge of £50 to cover cost and loss incurred by us (if deposit is less than £50 then it is forfeited). ‘Grace 3’ period will lead to a refund minus £100 for loss and administrative charge (if 0 or negative then no refund is made). Any other cancellation there is no refund, except there is an extenuating circumstance..which will be judged by us on a one-by-one basis. In this case full refunds are made minus any unretrievable cost incurred by us. ‘Grace 2’ is greater than 4 months from service date, while ‘Grace 3’ is greater than 2 months from service date. Bookings made and agreed very close to when service date is needed (less than 6 months) may not be eligible to all (if at all any) of the ‘Grace Period’. You will be notified of this before booking if this applies and you will be made known the ‘Grace Period’ which applies to you. Non-payment of balance (without notice or extenuating circumstance) can void the contract, which means we will not deliver and refunds are only made subject to grace period outlined above. Refund amount will be evaluated and calculated 24hours after a deposit is due.This will be processed and sent 7 days from non-payment unless you get in touch within the 7 days cooling period.

J. Competition

We occasionally run competitions. There is no entry fee and purchase will not be necessary to enter. The details of how to enter differs for each competition, so check the ‘competition’ page for details of the current competition (if any). By entering into the competition, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Only one entry is allowed per person and closing date is shown on our ‘competitions’ page. We will not accept responsibility for entries not received, so it is your responsibility to ensure we receive your entry.

We reserve the right to cancel competitions at any time without prior notice due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control. No cash alternative will be offered and prized are not transferable. As prizes are subject to availability, we reserve right to substitute to another of equivalent value.

The method to choose winner will be as described for each competition on the relevant page but will be fair. Our decision is final and we will notify winner by email and/or social media.  Unclaimed prize after 14 days,cancels that win. Also winner must pay £4: 00 postage within 7 days of claiming prize, otherwise the win may be cancelled.

The winner claiming for their goods has also agreed for use of his/her name/image  in any publicity material. Other personal data will not be used, and if needed in exceptional circumstance we will always obtain consent.

K. Counselling

Service Users

Our advice, counselling and prayer services are confidential and free for all. They will always be based on christian values

We are non-judgemental in our approach. Our goal is to be a friend in need, to support and show God’s love through this medium

We can not guarantee we will be able to attend to every one and in a timely manner, as this depends on the availability of our team. But we will try our best.

If need be and with your consent, we might have to refer you to other organisations where we deem fit. In that case, we might have to share information about you with them.

Volunteer Counsellors/Prayer partners

As a volunteer, you agree to our terms of confidentiality and you agree not to judge or condemn anyone but just listen and show love.

L. General

The website, products and services belong to ACE-Connect Ltd. We may modify this terms and conditions at any time but we may notify you if we do so. Otherwise the up-to-date version will always be available on the footer of our website. If you do not agree them, pls do not confirm your subscription and/or cease to use the website. Pls feel free to contact us if you have concerns about the content (either by us or other users) of our website.
Thank you
ACE-Connect Team.
Company Number: 10412340
Registered Office:
APT 3757 Chynoweth House
Trevissome Park

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